I am excited to be close to launching the first of the Under-Toe Storage System products soon, the Drawer.

A lot of thought and refinement has gone into the installation, and I think I’ve got a pretty straight forward and simple method of ensuring proper alignment. For actual installation, only a cordless drill will be necessary, shims and a level are going to be provided, but depending on whether it is a new or retrofit install will determine how much work really needs to be done.

Although the prototype systems have held up very well so far, extensive design refinements have been performed, many focusing on reducing weight for shipping while not sacrificing durability.

The cradle is 1/2 inch plywood, and aluminum struts are used across the back and bottom instead of full wood construction. The rear side of the drawer is dovetailed, while the front employs lock miter joints for added strength.

Initially, the sizes will be the 18- and 24- inch models. 30- and 36- inch models will follow, Im just paranoid about them being overloaded- that’s a lot to ask of 1/8 plywood and I’ve been experimenting with a strap underneath for added rigidity.

On the other hand, people always overload their kitchen drawers, and my drawers are built better than most already, so it’s probably fine.

Y’see, it’s not building I believe in, it’s overbuilding.

It’s important because people are going to overload and kick this thing shut, and sometimes open, no matter what you tell them. I know this, because it’s what I’ve been doing.

I’m also working on a flat-pack version aimed at jobbers and advanced DIYers, but that will likely be after the introduction of the Wine Rack, which I’m really excited about. Seriously, it’s pretty hot. Prototype pics soon.